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the sad, sorry state of roads

October 4, 2012


HT @ASCETweets The topic isn’t new. “Sad, sorry state of roads” will almost guarantee an acknowledgment by American Society of Engineers and other road building advocacy groups. I wish this particular article had a user-friendly comments section, because I think the reader debate would be quite lively. What I like is Richard Read’s parting […]

trip reductions for people…but not for cars

February 9, 2012


Autonomous cars. So does this mean we’ll see a reduction in Single Occupant Vehicles, but a rise in Zero Occupant Vehicles? “Kitt.” “Yes, Michael?” “Head over to the grocery store. I just placed an online order for some deli meat and my anxiety medication.” “Right away, Michael.”

deadly duo: traffic prediction + LOS metrics

February 7, 2012


Gary Toth (@eltotho) crams loads of user-friendly education about transportation planning into this article from PPS. He kicks off with a description of the deadly duo: travel projection models and level of service performance metrics. And for the fellow geeks who can’t get enough of this stuff, here’s a bonus video: Toth interviewed by Streetsblog […]

intended use of the AASHTO green book

January 26, 2012


Confusion still exists in the design community about the role of AASHTO’s Green Book. When you hear someone suggest that it’s law, refer them to A Guide for Achieving Flexibility in Highway Design…written by…[drum roll]…AASHTO. The AASHTO Green Book is not intended, and never was intended, to be used solely as a standard upon which […]

engineering language: “improvements”

October 23, 2011


The process of transportation “improvement” projects is as follows:  Engineers verify that they have the latest editions of standards that were developed to favor vehicles at the expense of people; Engineers design roads that meet or exceed minimum thresholds in their standards, thereby “improving” the safety of motorists; Drivers are able to move faster and […]


October 23, 2011


Lem•ming (noun).  Doomed conformist; a member of a large group of people who blindly follow one another on a course of action that will lead to destruction for all of them. (Encarta Dictionary) En•gi•neer•ing lem•ming (noun).  Conformist; a member of a large group of people who blindly follow one another in the application of design […]