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3 reasons to explore road privatization

October 25, 2012


Americans are bombarded with rhetoric about the country’s failing transportation infrastructure. We hear horror stories about crumbling bridges, eroded pavement on highways, and a lack of sidewalks connecting communities. Peel away the partisan talking points and there is a common thread among most lobbying efforts: Government will own and operate some or all of the […]

the sad, sorry state of roads

October 4, 2012


HT @ASCETweets The topic isn’t new. “Sad, sorry state of roads” will almost guarantee an acknowledgment by American Society of Engineers and other road building advocacy groups. I wish this particular article had a user-friendly comments section, because I think the reader debate would be quite lively. What I like is Richard Read’s parting […]

imagine your new product creates jobs but kills 33,000 people per year

February 8, 2012


from the archive of @Brooklynspoke… In 2009, 33,000 people were killed by cars nationwide.  [Randy] Cohen asked the crowd to think about that for a second.  “Imagine you’re introducing a new transportation system,” Cohen said, “but there’s one catch: it will kill 33,000 people a year.”  Cohen hardly needed to point out that few Americans […]