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3 reasons to explore road privatization

October 25, 2012


Americans are bombarded with rhetoric about the country’s failing transportation infrastructure. We hear horror stories about crumbling bridges, eroded pavement on highways, and a lack of sidewalks connecting communities. Peel away the partisan talking points and there is a common thread among most lobbying efforts: Government will own and operate some or all of the […]

riding a bike is healthy until it kills you

October 4, 2012


Do yourself a favor and watch this video from Casey Neistat. What starts out as a clip of him getting a ticket for not riding in the bike lane, morphs into a hilarious discovery of bike lane obstacles. You won’t regret watching this short video! Could have been worse…NYPD could have confiscated the camera…

discussing contested streets, #JaneJacobs and more with planning students @VCU

October 2, 2012


A friend teaches “Introduction to the City and Urban Development” at VCU. The bad news is that he’ll be out of town for the next class that focuses on city transportation. The good news is that I get to substitute for him. We’re going to watch and discuss Contested Streets, an excellent documentary freely available online. […]

a failure to meet federal standards

August 27, 2012


From the Federal Highway Administration… A livable community is one in which people have multiple, convenient transportation and housing options as well as destinations easily accessible to people traveling in and out of cars. They also give this quick history… Livability builds off existing resources, policies, and programs: Context Sensitive Solutions Scenario Planning Planning and […]

bad streets for bicycling

August 20, 2012


The photo contest hosted by @EllyBlue at Taking the Lane has wrapped. Should I be thrilled or embarrassed that I won? I’m not going to waste my time with introspection. I’m going to give my award reception speech. Ahem… Thank you, thank you. I would first like to thank the bicycling academy. I now graciously […]

crossing a free right-turn lane

April 28, 2012


The free right-turn is a traffic engineering tool that every driver has almost certainly passed through at some point. It is a tool designed to “improve” operations on a corridor (see also: biased language). Looks harmless enough. The two videos below put you into the shoes of a pedestrian attempting to cross the street where […]

bike-ped safety in New York

February 17, 2012


Paul Steely White, executive director of Transportation Alternatives (@TransAlt): The NYPD is among the most sophisticated law enforcement operations in the country. It’s the sixth largest standing army in the world, it has officers stationed in scores of foreign nations and it can shoot down small aircraft. The question for us today is if its […]

engineering language: “improvements”

October 23, 2011


The process of transportation “improvement” projects is as follows:  Engineers verify that they have the latest editions of standards that were developed to favor vehicles at the expense of people; Engineers design roads that meet or exceed minimum thresholds in their standards, thereby “improving” the safety of motorists; Drivers are able to move faster and […]