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so you’re looking for an urbanism podcast

November 14, 2012


Check out and the crowd funding campaign at Advertisements

3 reasons to explore road privatization

October 25, 2012


Americans are bombarded with rhetoric about the country’s failing transportation infrastructure. We hear horror stories about crumbling bridges, eroded pavement on highways, and a lack of sidewalks connecting communities. Peel away the partisan talking points and there is a common thread among most lobbying efforts: Government will own and operate some or all of the […]

riding a bike is healthy until it kills you

October 4, 2012


Do yourself a favor and watch this video from Casey Neistat. What starts out as a clip of him getting a ticket for not riding in the bike lane, morphs into a hilarious discovery of bike lane obstacles. You won’t regret watching this short video! Could have been worse…NYPD could have confiscated the camera…

bike-ped safety in New York

February 17, 2012


Paul Steely White, executive director of Transportation Alternatives (@TransAlt): The NYPD is among the most sophisticated law enforcement operations in the country. It’s the sixth largest standing army in the world, it has officers stationed in scores of foreign nations and it can shoot down small aircraft. The question for us today is if its […]

trip reductions for people…but not for cars

February 9, 2012


Autonomous cars. So does this mean we’ll see a reduction in Single Occupant Vehicles, but a rise in Zero Occupant Vehicles? “Kitt.” “Yes, Michael?” “Head over to the grocery store. I just placed an online order for some deli meat and my anxiety medication.” “Right away, Michael.”

imagine your new product creates jobs but kills 33,000 people per year

February 8, 2012


from the archive of @Brooklynspoke… In 2009, 33,000 people were killed by cars nationwide.  [Randy] Cohen asked the crowd to think about that for a second.  “Imagine you’re introducing a new transportation system,” Cohen said, “but there’s one catch: it will kill 33,000 people a year.”  Cohen hardly needed to point out that few Americans […]

sustainable street network principles

January 26, 2012


Download the ‘Sustainable Street Network Principles‘, a new document from CNU’s (@NewUrbanism) Project for Transportation Reform. Many engineers won’t be able to sit still after the preamble. (If they make it past the preamble.) Here’s a taste: We assert that current transportation engineering addresses only limited individual components of the region’s street network. This results […]

APA’s plea for planning chutzpah

November 4, 2011


APA President Mitch Silver distributed a plea for planners to show what they’re made of. (I’m hoping we’re made of some good, common sense and not just regulations for regulations’ sake.) Even the strong-willed planners have a tendency to be overruled by public works and elected officials when it comes to transportation projects. Here’s a […]

cost of life > cost of congestion

November 4, 2011


Infrastructure enthusiasts often use the financial burden of congestion as a reason to streamline capital projects. Don’t question the traffic forecasts–a person’s time is valuable and therefore congestion has a direct financial impact. True. But what about designing roads that lead to crashes? How much does that cost? AAA studied 99 urban areas and found […]