a failure to meet federal standards

Posted on August 27, 2012


From the Federal Highway Administration…

A livable community is one in which
people have multiple, convenient
transportation and housing options
as well as destinations easily
accessible to people traveling in
and out of cars.

They also give this quick history…

Livability builds off existing resources, policies, and

  • Context Sensitive Solutions
  • Scenario Planning
  • Planning and Environment Linkages
  • AASHTO Bike and Pedestrian Guides
  • New funding programs from ISTEA and SAFETEA-LU (e.g., Safe Routes to School)
  • Increased options for project eligibility

These are standards that transportation professionals in the U.S. are supposed to follow, in part to help communities live longer. So if FHWA promotes livability, and a local or state DOT project does not promote livability, maybe we should call it what it is:

A failure to meet federal standards.

I’m guessing that would help draw much needed public attention to the sad state of our nation’s transportation network.

Source: http://www.environment.fhwa.dot.gov/

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