evolution of highway decision making

Posted on February 19, 2012


From the FHWA archives: “Risking Success Through Flexible Design“.

Over the past decade, through conferences, training, and new partnerships, FHWA and its partners have been working to bridge knowledge gaps and enable transportation planners and engineers to design with flexibility and employ context sensitive approaches with greater confidence and regularity.

Understanding this evolving landscape of flexible and context sensitive highway design and how to thrive in it will enable State DOTs to build and refine roads and other transportation facilities that not only meet safety and mobility requirements but also help create more livable communities.

Even if you don’t read the entire article, take a look at the two charts illustrating the evolution of highway decision making. Despite education campaigns by FHWA, ITE, CNU and others, so many state DOTs still follow what FHWA calls “the Old Way”:

decide on technical solution –> communicate solution to community –> defend decision

Here’s an opinion on the results of the Old Way.

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